The Queen's Reflection: The Dragon Rider Part One

What if there we no more magic in the world?

What if the secret to restoring the little that remained lay behind a long-forgotten curse?

These are the questions behind my new coming-of-age fantasy novella, The Queen's Reflection.

It's an epic fantasy series with a touch of steampunk.

Here is what a few reviewers have already said:
"The characters are well-drawn and the story line intriguing. . . . A writer to watch for going forward."
"Let's start by saying that I loved this story. . . . I was so sad when I realized it was over!"
"Well developed characters and plot twists make this well worth your time."
Puck dreams of being a dragon rider. When he overhears Queen Hesperus' plan to murder the King, Puck must overcome the fear of his past to stop her -- or learn the things we desire are seldom as they seem.

The Queen's Reflection is the introductory novella of The Dragon Rider series. It's a coming of age fantasy that I sincerely hope will earn a place among your favorite epic fantasy series.

The Queen's Reflection will ultimately consist of four 18,000-word novellas, which will comprise the first full-length entry in the series The Dragon Rider. The second and third full-length novels will be released this summer and in the fall.

An audio book of this first novella is currently in post-production on Audible and should be available within two weeks.

To get your copy, please visit Amazon. If you would like advance notice of my future releases, as well as a complimentary copy of the second novella before it's released on Amazon, join my mailing list.

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